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From: Neil Robins

Easy Marketing Group

Dear Internet Business Owner

Do you have any kind of legal letters on your web site right now? Like a disclaimer page, privacy policy, or your terms and conditions?

No?  Then there's a possibility of big trouble.

It's not hard to add the legal details to your web site and emails, but you do need to know which letters you actually need.

Many Internet marketers take their online business for granted, without properly protecting it.  Don't make this mistake...

Learn What You Need To Do To Keep You and Your Internet Business Protected!

Just some of the points we've covered in "Legal Protection Online"...

  Why Internet Marketers Need More


  You Can’t Be Anonymous!

  Start With Basic Security Measures.

  Using Disclaimers.

  Proper Use Of Email.

  Protecting Product Rights.

  Protecting Your Website.

  Terms Of Use Or Service.

  Privacy Policy.


Some questions for you...


  Just how much trouble do you think you could get into if a

      hacker was able to find your customers names, addresses, and

      payment information from within your web site?  This is just

      one of the reasons why you NEED to be protected online.


  As an Internet marketer, do you realize that your personal

       information is a lot more accessible to everyone online?


  Do you use disclaimers on your web site?  If you don't...

      could you be next in line for a big lawsuit?


  Some Internet marketers still do not use any form of

      unsubscribe information in the advertisement emails that

      they send. Are you one of them? You can learn why you MUST

       start doing so!


  Have you studied the CanSpam Act to know how it affects

      you, your sites and your email marketing?


  Have you caught up with the latest guidelines from the

      Federal Trade Commission?  You should!


  Do you know how easy it really is to copyright an ebook or any

      other type of product?  It can be done in a matter of minutes. 

We'll show you how.


You'll also learn...

  How to protect your web site.

  How to keep hackers out of your site.

  How to keep protected files safe.


And you'll get to see and use sample legal letters such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and more.


Download This Report Today To Learn

How To Keep Your Customers' Information

And Your Own Information Safe!

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value in anyone's language!

So... what's the next step?

If you know you need to learn essential online protection strategies, then say...


  I want to work towards being protected

      online in case anything should happen.  And I

     realize that stuff like this happens all the



  I want to know about the CanSpam Act and

      the latest guideline updates from the Federal

      Trade Commission, so I don't get into trouble

      with either!


  I want to protect my products and my

      website from illegal use.


  I want to take part in this 60 day no risk



Only $19.97 today!

You may safely use your credit card or your own PayPal account.


You've been trying to understand how to legally protect yourself and your websites.

And you're right... making sure that you... and your site is safe and protected, should be your number one concern.

Don't prejudge the product by its' low price!   No!  It's simply that we remember just how hard it was trying to figure out all the legalities when we were first getting started on the internet.  And if you can't help people out now and again, what sort of world would it be!?

To Your Success Online,

Neil Robins




P.S.  Don't wait until you have that first major complaint from a visitor to your site or someone who has purchased a product from you.  Prevention is everything.


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P.P.P.S.  Have you heard the saying that "the internet belongs to those who make decisions and take action!"  Is this you?  You know you need to do this now.





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